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StormPRO Boot Camp

StormPRO Boot Camp

We’re thrilled to be partnering for another incredible opportunity for contractors and roofers to learnStormPro is for leadership, sales, and management teams. from the pros at ContractorCoachPRO! The team has put another incredible boot camp together for owners, managers, and sales teams. During this intense 2-day boot camp you’ll learn about leadership, marketing, and sales in a storm recovery environment. When we say boot camp we mean boot camp. Come ready to learn and do some work! Included in your registration is an exclusive leadership workbook, a FREE team membership to ContractorCoachPro, tools and assessments, and a free ebook from Steve Patrick of LP Loss Consulting.

Ready to learn more about the 2-day boot camp?

Day 1: For Owners and Managers Who Want to Be StormPRO Leaders

Industry experts Jim Johnson of ContractorCoachPro and Steve Patrick of LP Loss Consulting are teaming up to deliver the tools you need to lead your team and maximize opportunities during the storm season. During Jim’s portion of the day, you’ll be focusing on Leading a Sales Team to Greatness and Steve will focus on maximizing results with unreasonable or uncooperative claims departments.

As a sales leader, you need to know how to get the most of your team while helping them love what they do. When you and your team understand how to take sales and make them highly profitable, you can get the most out of every opportunity.

Day 1: What You’ll Learn

  • The StormPro Gameplan- How to Ramp Sales Teams Up Quickly
  • Creating A Sales Vision Your Team Will Buy Into
  • How to Run Contests and Bonus Programs That Deliver Extreme Results
  • How to Overcome Unreasonable or Uncooperative Claims Departments to Greatly Increase Your Buy Ratio
  • Bonus: 3 Month Free ContractorCoachPro.com Membership


Day 2: StormPRO Sales Training Boot Camp for Sales Teams

When it comes to selling in the storm, it isn’t really about selling. It’s about being authentic, genuine, and different in a way that best serves the client while keeping profits up. Jim Johnson of ContractorCoachPro will be leading the day’s session. Jim will be focused on creating and taking advantage of an opportunity to maximize profits while staying ethical in an ideal selling situation. Being successful isn’t about creating a “Silver Bullet.” You need an entire arsenal. Otherwise, you’ll be in a short fight.

Day 2: What You’ll Learn

  • How to Create an Endless Stream of Leads that Call You
  • How to Win With Your Inspection
  • How to Frame Your Presentation to Get a Yes
  • How to Sell to the Buyer’s Personality
  • How to Defeat Objections Before They Happen and How to Handle Them if You Don’t
  • How to Sell Value Over Price with “Systems”
  • How to Create a Referral System by Understanding Incentive
  • How to Create a Million Dollar Schedule


Are you ready for the most intense, best investment opportunity of your life? Register today! Spots are limited and we’ll be reserving them on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t wait!

The StormPRO flyer has all of the information you need on the 2-day boot camp.


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