The Most Experienced Team in Claims Supplementing 





At the heart of our story is a journey fueled by passion and a commitment to innovation, led by our President and Co-founder, Josh Roseboom. 

Josh Roseboom's journey began with a deep-rooted connection to the world of construction and roofing. From an early age, he honed his craft, working alongside his father. However, his ambitions reached beyond interior and exterior storm restoration. 

Josh's keen insights and understanding of the industry's challenges led him to envision a service that could revolutionize how contractors approach storm restoration. The idea of a third-party supplement firm was born – a bridge that would connect contractors and insurance companies seamlessly. And so, Balance was conceived. 



Balance helps contractors save time and money by allowing them to offload the management of their claims administration. We take on the administrative burden of reviewing files, writing estimates, compiling supplemental packages, and handling the supplementing process with the insurance carrier so our clients can focus on selling, building, and collecting.  

The Leadership Team



Troy Clymer is an operator who is the CEO of BALANCE ™. Since 2015, Balance has been the nation’s leading Business Process Outsourcing firm for Contractors. Troy was the founding President of Board for the industry leading 501C6 non-profit The Catalyst Group and is a Board Advisor to the American Policy Holders Association. Troy has also served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Prior to founding Balance, Troy served in a variety of Director and VP level leadership roles in Operations and Sales at public & private companies such as, NEXXT (formerly and Ricoh International.


Josh Roseboom, the President and Co-founder of Balance, is a dedicated and innovative professional in the storm restoration industry. He is driven by his determination, problem-solving skills, and a genuine desire to provide valuable support to those in the storm restoration industry. His dedication to excellence and his vision for Balance continue to shape the company's success and its positive impact on contractors nationwide. 


Steven Tutterrow, the Executive Vice President of Balance, is a charismatic and inspiring leader with a desire to see everyone around him succeed. He has over 15 years of leadership and operations experience in the construction and insurance restoration industries. Prior to his role as Executive Vice President at Balance, he played a pivotal role in shaping the production and fulfillment departments for the company. His commitment to excellence and continued efforts to improve and optimize the business help to ensure continued growth and success for Balance and its clients.


Chuck Carlson, the Director of Balance Finance, is a dynamic leader who has been successful in fast paced startup and rapid growth environments in the software, IT services and retail industries. His mission at Balance Finance is to make solar lending easy, simple, and affordable with disruptively low dealer fees for residential solar loans. Entrepreneurial and highly qualified, Chuck brings to Balance Finance deep experience in leading new business initiatives. Prior to joining Balance, Chuck served in Director and VP level leadership roles in public companies such as Saba Software (NASDAQ) and Informatics General Corporation (NYSE) and has co-founded startups in the tech and brick and mortar retail sectors.


Shane Surber serves as the Production Manager at Balance. With several years of management experience across several industries and dedicated process-driven leadership, Shane contributes to guiding the supplementing and estimating teams at Balance. He and his team consistently strive to accommodate and provide the highest quality estimates and supplementing services to Balance’s numerous clients. 


Meet Adam, the Sales Operations Manager at Balance Claims. With years of expertise in the insurance restoration industry, Adam brings a wealth of experience & insight to the table. He steers highly detailed teams that consistently evolve to meet & exceed our clients' ever-changing needs. Adam is a driving force behind our commitment to precision, adaptability & client satisfaction. 


Josh Tompkins holds the position of Account Executive at Balance, bringing a positive energy to enrich solid relationships in the form of timely communication and effective execution of our clients needs. His relentless attitude for solving problems and getting answers makes him an unstoppable force in Account Management. He remains attentive to all of the needs of Balance's customers and strengthens relationships through constant communication. With Josh at the helm there's no detail that will go unmissed.


Mattie Russo is an Account Executive at Balance Claims. Coming to the team from our supplementing department he brings a unique view to our sales and account management sides of the business. Mattie's excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and overall knowledge of the supplementing process bring a new perspective and value to our sales and account management team. His goals for our clients include ongoing consistent communication in whatever medium works best for the individual client, clear expectations, and education on the supplement process so that our clients can grow and benefit as much as possible from working with Balance.



Emilee Caldwell is an Account Manager at Balance, where she excels in client communication and ensuring smooth operations. With a dedicated focus on maintaining strong client relationships, Emilee interacts with clients daily, providing updates and addressing inquiries related to their files. Emilee's dedication to her role ensures that the relationships between Balance and its clients remain strong and harmonious.


Joe Leo holds the position of Account Manager at Balance, where his expertise shines in the realms of client communication and the smooth orchestration of operations. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fostering robust client relationships, Joe engages with clients on a daily basis. He is proactive in delivering timely updates and addressing any inquiries pertaining to their files, showcasing a dedication that ensures the strength and harmony of the relationships between Balance and its clients. In Joe's capable hands, the interactions between Balance and its clients are characterized by strength, and reliability.